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Dorpstraat Gallery

Dorpstraat Gallery

Hang in There - featuring Nigel Mullins and Kobus La Grange

The Dorpstraat Gallery specializes in solo and group exhibitions of contemporary South African artists. Exhibitions take place on a regular basis, and feature art in all the different mediums: painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, glass, textiles, installation art, etc. Applied and decorative art is also displayed in an ever changing collection.

Dorpstraat Gallery will celebrate the opening of their new premises in the recently renovated Oude Bank Building on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of October, to coincide with the ART|Stellenbosch|09.

Award winning artists Nigel Mullins and sculptor Kobus La Grange will be exhibiting new works in an exhibition called "Hang in There".

Dorpstraat Gallery
10 Church Street, Oude Building
Tel: 021 887 2256



SMAC Art Gallery

SMAC Art Gallery

Anton Karstel: Paintings and Photographic installations (1989 - 2009)
3 October - 30 November 2009

Anton Karstel: Paintings and Photographic installations (1989 - 2009) to be hosted at SMAC Art Gallery is the first solo exhibition by the artist in a number of years. The exhibition contains new work, as well as important examples of work produced over the past twenty years. The exhibition provides an overview of the artist's career as a backdrop to his challenging and controversial new body of work. This is a major exhibition, containing more than 50 artworks and will be accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue with texts by both; journalist Christie Van der Westhuizen and art academic, Thembinkosi Goniwe.

Karstel's artistic strategy always reveals a deep concern for the notion of art and its relation to social reality and conscience. His paintings are deceptively appealing and attractive, despite their serious and often; "politically incorrect" subject matter. Karstel paints from photographic, mostly, historical source material as a process of confronting and addressing the past. Depicting uncomfortable and problematic imagery from the apartheid era is Karstel's method of processing and dealing with the abhorrence and confusion which it represents to many South Africans of his generation. Even seemingly simplistic and less obviously contentiously themed works originate from tricky sources which raise complex questions. The anachronism of the subjects and the ambiguity with which they are presented, place the viewer in an awkward and convoluted position, which prevents or complicates the sensory enjoyment and consumption of the work.

The exhibition opens at SMAC Art Gallery on Saturday, 3 October at 1 pm.

SMAC Art Gallery
First Floor, De Wet Centre, Church Street
Tel: 021 887 3607 | Fax: 021 887 7624 |



smac space

smac space

Nel Erasmus: Portraits (1949 - 2009)
3 October - 15 November 2009

The exhibition Portraits (1949 - 2009), features twenty-one portraits created over a period of six decades by the artist Nel Erasmus. These portraits, or faces, according to the artist reflect the journey all people undertake through life.

"They make a profound and abstract statement about us: we are dual beings…two, not one, as we casually accept ourselves or as we may like to see ourselves".

The exhibition shows how Erasmus has over the years expanded the repertoire of portraiture in new directions. Less concerned to depict the visual appearance of the subject, Erasmus is more inspired by admiration or affection for the subject. The faces appear natural. They are naturalistically painted in an attempt to dig or delve below appearances and to show something subtle and well-hidden. As a result they evoke a vast spectrum of emotions, sentiments and thoughts.

The series of portraits also points to history and its figures: Nefertari, Beaudeca, Mona (Lisa) Louisa and even mythical figures in Africa feature.

Born in Bethal, in 1928, Nel Erasmus completed a BA FA degree at Wits University from 1946-1950, and continued to receive a National Art Teacher's Certificate from Wits Tech in 1951. During 1953-1955 she furthered her art training in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Supereure de Beaux-Arts and the famous Academie Ranson (later Studio 17).

Formally the Director of the Johannesburg Art Gallery (1964 - 1977), Nel Erasmus achieved substantial success as a painter in South Africa and abroad. She was the only South African artist whose work was included in Michael Seuphor's exhaustive survey of abstraction: Abstract Painting - 50 Years of Accomplishment, from Kandinsky to the Present, 1962. Her works are characterized by an adventurous analysis of forms, a concern for abstract relationships and an acute understanding of mood and perspective in composition.

Her paintings cannot be defined as non-representational or completely abstract, but rather a progressive evolution along the margins of figuration, investigating the concealed reality which lies beneath the painted surface in an attempt to capture an elusive and ephemeral truth.

Nel Erasmus celebrated her eightieth birthday last year and this body of work represents the confluence of decades of introspection and exploration - or the closing of a circle.

The exhibition opens at smac space on Saturday 3 October at 1pm.

smac space
First Floor, De Wet Centre, Church Street
Tel: 021 887 3607 | Fax: 021 887 7624 |



Red Black and White Gallery

Red Black and White Gallery

Creative Blocks - curated by Jeanetta Blignaut

The Creative Block project, initiated by Jeanetta Blignaut, is an inspirational outlet for some of South Africa's established contemporary artists, as well as a platform for fresh local talent. The Creative Blocks are small (18cm by 18cm by 2.2cm) artworks, each original and unique yet affordable.

Artists were invited to produce work to this standard format, but are in no other way restricted in their expression and only works of the highest standard are selected. On the back of each work is a short CV of the artist, giving insight into the person and some of their myriad artistic achievements.

On Sunday, 4 October, guests are invited to become part of the creative process by grouping a number of artworks together. The collector's choices become vital to the visual impact of each art piece. Groups of participants will have the opportunity to create their own wall of images from the available creative blocks. The most enchanting "wall" will be chosen by a panel and the creator will win a painting (block).

The exhibition opens at Red, Black & White on Sunday the 4th of October at 11:00.

Red Black and White Gallery
5A Distillery Road, Bosman's Crossing
Tel: 021 886 6281 |



US Art Gallery, Stellenbosch University

US Art Gallery

10 Philosophers/ Ten Artists/ Ten Ideas - curated by Hentie van der Merwe

In celebration of The Year of the Humanities, the German magazine, Der Spiegel, ran an article in November 2007, entitled: 'Zehn Fragen fr die Zukunft: Die neuen alten Grundfragen der Geisteswissenschaften' (loose translation: 'Ten questions for the future: new reflections on old questions in the Humanities'). The format of this article was inspired by the mathematician, David Hilbert, who at the turn of the twentieth century, created a list of 23 unsolved mathematical problems to be studied in the twentieth century. Following Hilbert's example, Jochen Hrisch, the author of the Der Spiegel article, thus presents us with a list of what he feels remains some of the most important philosophical questions for our century.

These questions, which range from 'Why do taboos exist?' and 'Are there universal values?' to 'Who am I?' and 'Why do we speak with each other?', were addressed by the staff from the Department of Philosophy of Stellenbosch University in a series of articles that ran in Die By, Die Burger from the beginning of March to the beginning of May 2008. Following the success of this project, the contributing authors decided to invite the staff from the Department of Fine Arts of Stellenbosch University to interpret the ten questions visually. Various members of all three disciplines in the visual arts department - fine arts, visual communication design, and jewellery design - took it upon themselves to do just that. As a result the visual responses to the philosophical questions include pieces of jewellery, works that can be described as visual communication design as well as drawings, paintings and photographic works that are in the fine arts tradition.

The exhibition is curated by Hentie van der Merwe will present each philosophical text alongside its visual response. It is furthermore the intention that this collaborative project between the departments of Philosophy and Visual Arts of Stellenbosch University will also result in a publication in the near future.

US Art Gallery, Stellenbosch University
Cnr Bird and Dorp Street
Tel: 021 808 3489



Sasol Art Museum, Stellenbosch University

Sasol Art Museum

Mbongeni Buthelezi: Imizwa Yami
Workshop and Walkabout

The Seippel Gallery, in association with Art Source South Africa will present Mbongeni Buthelezi's first national solo exhibition during September and October at the Sasol Art Museum, Stellenbosch University. Titled 'Imizwa Yami', (my feelings) this exhibition is a showcase of this exceptional artist's expression of his personal South African experience.
'Painter' in plastic, Mbongeni Buthelezi layers coloured plastic, melted together with a heat gun, which reflects a profoundly empathetic vision of his world.

Says Buthelezi: "I now have 18 different techniques, each of which has subtle differences from the other. The material can be applied like large 'brushstrokes' in many colours, or a sepia toned portrait where layers of neutral shading creates visual depth and subtlety or through linear drawings." Black and white portraits, works from the series Childhood, sepia paintings from the Winter in Kliptown series, and other thematically related new pieces by Buthelezi can be seen at the exhibition. Accompanied by a catalogue, this project cements Buthelezi's position as one of the South Africa's most unique artists. He also gained acclaim for his work internationally, and having exhibited in prestigious venues such as the Museum of African Art in New York, Goch Museum in Germany and on the Prague Biennale, as well as attending many international residencies.

Buthelezi will give a demonstration of his unique plastic painting technique during the ART|Stellenbosch|09 on Saturday 3 October at 10:00 and on Sunday 4 October at 11:00 a walkabout. Booking essential: 021 808 3691/5. The demonstration costs R20 pp and the walkabout is free.

Sasol Art Museum, Stellenbosch University
52 Ryneveld Street
Tel: 021 808 3691/5



Rupert Museum

Rupert Museum

Rodin - Bronze Sculptures

The Rupert Museum is exhibiting 27 bronze sculptures by legendary French sculptor Auguste Rodin. Included in the exhibition, which will be up until early 2010, are prominent works such as The Thinker, The Kiss and The Cathedral. Rodin, at the pinnacle of his career by the end of the 19th century, was deemed the greatest sculptor since Michelangelo.

Straying from nineteenth-century academic conventions, Rodin created his own sense of personal artistic expressions that focused on the vitality of the human spirit. His modeling techniques captured the movement and depth of emotion of his subjects by altering traditional poses and gestures. His pioneering work has been a critical link between traditional and modern figurative sculpture.

As Deon Herselman, director of the Rupert Art Foundation says "In 1976, South African art lovers had the opportunity of viewing, here in their own country, a superb collection of small bronzes by the great modern sculptor, Auguste Rodin. This collection toured South Africa and was exhibited in various art museums.

More that 30 years have passed and a whole new generation of art lovers has arisen. The Rupert Art Foundation is both proud and pleased to bring this exciting exhibition of Rodin back to South Africa to be exhibited at the Rupert Museum in Stellenbosch."

Rupert Museum
Stellentia Avenue
Tel: 021 888 3344